VT ST What is Public Theology?

VT ST GWF 1 Addressing the Postmodern Person

VT ST GWF 2 Theological Methodology

VT ST GWF 3 God the Trinity

VT ST GWF 4 Models of God

VT ST GT God as Trinity 1

VT ST GT God as Trinity 2

VT ST GWF 5a Becoming Human

VT ST GWF 5b Models of Body, Soul, and Spirit

VT ST GWF 5c Unbecoming Evil

Sin Boldly! Consciousness and Conscience

VT ST GWF 6 Christology

VT ST GWF 7 Models of the Atonement

VT ST GWF 8 The Gift of Justification

VT ST GWF 9 The Holy Spirit

VT ST GWF 10 The Church

VT ST GWF 11 Eschatology

Justice and Our Moral Universe

From Justice to Love

Sin 1 Anxiety

Sin 2 Unfaith

Sin 3 Pride

Sin 4 Concupiscence

Sin 5 Self-Justification

Sin 6 Cruelty

Sin 7 Blasphemy