For God and Country – A Leona Foxx Suspense Thriller
Series: Leona Foxx Thriller, Book 1
Genre: Thriller
ISBN: 9780989067614

“God.” She started a prayer. Her thoughts drifted. As if in a theater seat, she watched her life’s past dramas. The faces of the three young men who put her life in peril at the Cheltenham station flashed on her mental stage. She relived the terrifying moment she saw the northbound train about to decapitate her. Then Orpah Tinnen walked into the scene. Leona thought of her son, Magnus, decapitated by the Iranian military. She remembered her moment in the church kitchen, her moment of remembrance of the blood-spattered chest of the executed prisoner.

“God,” she muttered. She paused. “God, you have got such a fucked up world. Why did you put me here like a pin cushion to feel every prick of its pain? Yes, I want to love your world as much as you do. But, goddammit, it’s hard. I’d like to ask the Holy Spirit for the wisdom and strength to trust in what I cannot see. But, goddammit, I’m too pissed off to think it’s worthwhile. I hope your grace covers me. Amen.”

About the Book

In For God and Country, Leona Foxx leads a tense double life.  She is unwillingly pulled back into being a CIA black op trained killer, while serving her new calling to God as a parish pastor on the South Side of Chicago. Haunted by a terrifying past, Leona’s skills as a defender of America against threats both foreign and domestic conflict with her conscience, which is shaped by her faith and her compassion for both friends and enemies. Leona uncovers a terrorist plot hatched by American mercenaries, who plan to blame Iran, thus threatening a war that will make them rich. She divests her clerical collar to pack her .45 Kimber Super Match II and rallies a counter-terrorist alliance of professional crime fighters and black gang members. The story climaxes with a drone helicopter attack on the 85th floor of the John Hancock Building, intended to assassinate the president.  Only Leona Foxx, her ragtag team of die-hards, her finely honed killer instincts, her arsenal of high-tech weapons, and her faith in God can avert the devastation that could result in the death of millions of innocents and manifest in hell on earth.

David Baldacci and Michael Crichton meet Lillian Jackson Braun.

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