About Ted Peters

Ted Peters is an author, professor, and pastor. He is Research Professor Emeritus in Systematic Theology and Ethics at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary (PLTS), the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences (CTNS), and the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) in Berkeley, California.

Gun Background Checks


The background checks debate is wearing thin. Video game teenagers watch it with a grin. School massacres with children dying, Are unaffected by lobbyist lying. Diverting us from gun maker's checks rolling in.

Gun Background Checks2019-01-16T17:31:51-08:00

Mars Life


We earthlings are reaching for the stars. Our radars have pulsars in their crossbars. Our space scientists here on terra fermia, looking for second genesis or panspermia, Probe for a  microbe on red planet Mars.

Mars Life2019-01-16T17:31:01-08:00

The New Pope’s Name


I don't think the Vatican will ever by the same. Pope Dominic? Pope Benedict? Much too tame! A Pope named Ignatius Would be too rapacious. So, we get a Jesuit with a Franciscan name.

The New Pope’s Name2019-01-16T17:26:51-08:00

Alone with a Drone


Whether you're a foreigner, a terrorist, or home grown, Whether you're innocent, but living in the targeted zone, Whether you're a minaret or a steeple, Or just a household full of people, You're only collateral damage for Obama's drone.

Alone with a Drone2019-01-16T17:29:46-08:00

Hanford Radioactive Leaks


Radioactivity is leaking on the Hanford Reservation. Plutonium waste is contaminating our nation. Because our government is so cheap, Into our drinking water it will seep; So, bombs meant for others become our self-elimination.

Hanford Radioactive Leaks2019-01-16T17:28:05-08:00

Space Rocks


"Space Rocks" (Russian asteroid of February 2013) It came by in the sky and spread over blocks, That shooting carrier of sound barrier shocks. The song of an extraterrestrial choir Began with, "This girl's on fire!" So every dude must [...]

Space Rocks2019-01-16T17:29:12-08:00