Cyrus Twelve: Leona Foxx Suspense Thriller #2 Kindle Edition

Leona Foxx is a black op with a white collar, who worships at two altars, her country and her God. She fights with ferocity for both.

The black op with the white collar, Leona Foxx, takes on renegade Transhumanists making themselves kingmakers by selling espionage technology. Leona’s strategy is to turn superintelligence against itself in order to preserve global peace. Can a mere human prevail against the posthuman?

If you want to grasp the promises and risks of enhancing human intelligence in a world riddled with competition for supremacy, buy this book.

Taking Pre-Orders for delivery on August 12.

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Volumes 3 and 4 expected release 2019!

For God and Country – A Leona Foxx Suspense Thriller

In For God and Country, Leona Foxx leads a tense double life.  She is unwillingly pulled back into being a CIA black op trained killer, while serving her new calling to God as a parish pastor on the South Side of Chicago. Haunted by a terrifying past, Leona’s skills as a defender of America against threats both foreign and domestic conflict with her conscience, which is shaped by her faith and her compassion for both friends and enemies. Leona uncovers a terrorist plot hatched by American mercenaries, who plan to blame Iran, thus threatening a war that will make them rich. She divests her clerical collar to pack her .45 Kimber Super Match II and rallies a counter-terrorist alliance of professional crime fighters and black gang members. The story climaxes with a drone helicopter attack on the 85th floor of the John Hancock Building, intended to assassinate the president.  Only Leona Foxx, her ragtag team of die-hards, her finely honed killer instincts, her arsenal of high-tech weapons, and her faith in God can avert the devastation that could result in the death of millions of innocents and manifest in hell on earth.

Right now, Kindle Edition available for just $.99!

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5 Star Reviews!

Ted Peters’ debut thriller in his series with Leona Foxx was a page-turner. The plot was satisfyingly complex, the writing accessible, the characters well developed, the context (international terrorism) highly relevant. Looking forward to more adventures with the admirable Leona Foxx!
Jennifer, Amazon Review

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