The International Science Festival Gothenburg

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Friday, 12:00 noon luncheon lecture:

“Is Transhumanism a New Religion?”, Ted Peters

Friday, 17:30 (5:30 pm) Lecture

“Hope in an Evolutionary and Revolutionary World”, Ted Peters

Location: Gothenburg Cathedral

Reality is in motion and has been so for 13.8 billion years. Galaxies, atoms, cells and humans – all life evolves. But many of us live with a sense of impending doom, especially concerning the environment and our way of life. How can we find our hope? Welcome to a musical talk show! Held in English.

Participating: Ted Peters, professor and teacher of systematic theology and ethics at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California, also co-editor of the journal Theology and Science. Hans Liljenström, professor in biometry at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and director for Agora for Biosystems. Antje Jackelén, Doctor of Theology and Archbishop in the Church of Sweden. Pontus Nilsen, minister in the Church of Sweden. Music by Martina Almgren, Sten Källman och Maria Larsson. Kostnadsfritt. Fri april 24 2020 17:30-19:15, Gothenburg Cathedral. Mingle starts at 17:30, the talkshow starts 18:00.